1Who established the four monasteries Shringeri, Badrinath, Dvarka, and, Puri?Shankaracharya
2Who was the main emponent of the monistical philosophy?Madhavachary
3Name the Muslim Invader who destroyed Nalanda University?Mahammad Bin Bakhtiyar
4Who defeated Harshavardhana?Pulkeshin II
5Who was the south Indian contemporary ruler of Harshavardhana?Pulkeshin II
6Where was the Introductary capital of Harsha?65292Jhaneshwar
7Who defeated Arabian in 738 AD.Pratiharas
8Who is the God of 'Konark temple"?Sun
9The great stupa of Sanchi is in-Madhya Pradesh
10Kalinga's ruler Kharvel gave his protection to -Jainism
11Tell the name of Arab military commander who conquered Sindh-Muhammad bin Qasim
12Which was attacked by Mahmud Ghazni?Somnath
13Who defeated Prathviraj in the second battle of Tarain?Muhammad Ghori
14Muhammad Ghori defeated Prathviraj chauhan in which battle?Tarain, 1192 AD
15Which battle opened the area of Delhi for Muhammad Ghori?0Second battle of tarain'battle of khanva
16Which Rajput king defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time?Baghel Bheem
17When did the regime of Delhi sultan start?1206 AD
18Who built adhayi din ka jhopda in Ajmer?Kutubuddin Aibak
19The famous ruler who completed Kutubminar was?Iltutmish
20Balban was the prime minister of which Sultan before he took over to throne?Nasiruddin
21Which was first sovereign sultan of Delhi?Iltutmish
22Who was the saviar of Delhi sultanate?Gayasuddin Balban
23Changez khan while chasing Jalaluddin, attacked on the barders of India in whose reign?Iltutmish
24Who destroyed a powerful nobel's group 'Chihalgani'?Blaban
25Who introduced the famous Persian festival 'Navroj'?Balban
26Which was only queen, who ruled over Delhi?Razia Sultan
27Whose daughter of Razia Sultan was-Iltutmish
28Who were those who descendant, that ruled just before and after of Khilzi rulers?Gulam and Tuglak
29Who was the khilzi sultan of Delhi?Turks
30Who called himself second Alexander (Sikandar-e-sani)?Alauddin Khilzi
31Largest permanent army of sultanat dynasty was made by-Allauddin Khilzi
32Malik Kafoor was whose general?Allauddin Khilzi
33Which general of Delhi reached successfully till Madurai?Malik Kafoor
34To whom, responsibility of consquering the south India was given by allauddin Khilzi?Malik Kafoor'
35Market Regulation system was started by-Allauddin Khilzi
36Who was the Sultan, who refused to accept the authority of 'the Caliph'?Allauddin Khilzi
37Which of the following is called 'Parrat of India?Amir khusrao
38Which is used the protection of all Sultans, from Balban to Gayasuddin tuglak?Amir Khusrow
39Which sultans imposed Jizya on Brahmans?0 65292Firoj Tuglaq
40Who started leather coin in India?Muhammad bin tuglaq
41Who is known as 'Maniyaro ka Rajkumar'?Muhammad bin tuglaq
42Who reconstructed Kutubminar?Firoj Tuglaq
43Which dynasty ruled for the maximum time?Tuglaq dynasty
44Which Sultan tried to stop Sati custom?Muhammad Bin tuglaq
45Traveller Ibnbatuta came from where?Marocco
46Ibnbatuta came to India in whose reign?Muhammad Bin Tuglaq
47Who was the founder of Lodi dynasty?Bahlol Lodi
48Period of Delhi sultanate finished in -1526 AD
49Last dynasty of Delhi sultanat was-Lodi dynasty
50What is the meaning of 'Pir' in sufi tradition?Sufi master (Guru of sufis)