1India test fired the missile on June 9th 2011.Prithvi-2
2"Nomadic Elephant" is a military exercise between India and -Mongolia
3Operation Sanyam of Indian army is associated with-Indo-Pak border in Punjab and Rajasthan
4Which is UNICEF goodwill ambassador-Amitabh Bachchan
5Who is the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh-Sheikh Hasina
6The chairman of the fifth pay commission was-Justice S. Ratnavel Pandian
7Which is the director general of world trade organization-Supachai Panitchpakdi
8What is the percentage of indina doctors in USA-38
9In July 2007, three day hindi festival was held in-New York
10Which actor played the role of mahatma Gandhi in the film "Gandhi"-0 65292Ben Kingsley
11Who directed the movie made on dacoit queen Phoolan Devi-Shekhar Kapoor
12"national rural livelihood mission" was started in-Jun-11
13Which is the chairman of University Grant Commission-Prof. Ved Prakash
14Which is the current president of Indonesia-Joko Widodo
15The prime minister of Nepal is-Pushpa Kamal Dahal
16The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is-Ranil Wickremesinghe
17Who is the minister of environment and forest in india-Prakash Javadekar
18Which force of India will be benefited by the LCA Project-Air Force
19Religious festival of "Dussehra" is specially celebrated in which of the following states-72Karnataka
20What was the name of the ship which was capsized and gallons of oil spilled over the sea near paradip port-Black Rose
21Where is swaminarayan Akshardham-Gandhinagar, Gujarat
22The Palitana temple is situated near which of the following towns-Bhavnagar
23Two powerful characters of Mahabharata was from Afghanistan. Which areas is associated with this-Kandhar
24The rail service "Thar Express" between india and Pakistan starts from India-Jodhpur
25Who started the "MMX" technology-Intel
26Where is the national institute of information technology-Allahabad
27Large earthquake and tsunami, which shoked the Honshu island of Japan, had also shifted the axis of axis of earth by-6 inch
28Where was the first united nations summit on environment held-Stockholm
29In which cities, world first test tube dolphin was born-Hong Kong
30Which office is located in "Mandi house" in Delhi-Director general of Doordarshan
31The film reels and photographic films in India are manufactured -Ooty
32Which is the largest museum-Lourve Museum
33The fishes, caught by indian fishers in international sea, is the part of GDPIndia
34Who supported the "PURA" model for the Rural poverty Alleviation-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
35The GSLV Project of India is associated with ________Missile Engines for Space Programs
36Ranji trophy is related to-Cricket
37Who made the history in test cricket by chasing 418 in second innings against Australia-West Indies
38Two sets of wickets in cricket are ______ distant-22 yards
39Which was the first host nation winning the world cup-Sri Lanka
40When was the first cricket world cup organized-1975
41Who holds the record of highest runs in one day cricket world cup tournaments-S.Tendulkar
42Which T-20 rules is not correct-72 0 65292One bowler can bowl 6 overs
43Which teams does not get the status of "test" team-Kenya
44What is the distance between popping crease and stumps on cricket pitch-4 feet
45What is the permissible length of cricket bat-38 inches
46Which players became "best cricketer of twentieth century " by Wisden along with four other players-Shen Warne
47The term "Beamer" is related to which game-Cricket
48In which game, "Chinaman" is used-Cricket
49How many double centuries have been scored by sir don bredman in his test career-12
50Which bowlers has taken the highest number of wickets in one day international-Muralidharan