1Who established the earliest Surat factories?English
2The emission of which greenhouse gase of which entirely anthropogenic?Chlorofluorocarbons
3Which is a medium range surface to air missile?Trishul
4What is the transition zone between two Ecosystems called?Ecotone
5What is Lunar Sea? 0A dark plain on the moon
6What is the approximate diameter of the earth?12,800 Km
7What are the Mediterranean lands often called?World's orchard lands
8The cold Labrador current brings nine months winter to which region?Eastern Newfoundland
9What is the name of the highest summit of Nilgiri Hills?Doda-betta
10Nanda Devi peak forms a part of which range?Kumaon Himalayas
11Which National Highways of India is the longest?NH 2
12Which National Highways pass through Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orissa?NH 6
13Which covers the highest percentage of forest area In the world?Temperate Coniferous forests
14Which is the fastest growing tree?Eucalyptus
15By whom was Chandigarh designed?Le Corbousier
16Which country is situated geographically in America but politically a part of Europe?Green Land
17Which is a north flowing river?Chambal
18The river Cauvery flows from which state?Karnataka to Tamil Nadu
19Which region has Mediterranean type of climate?Cape Town region of South Africa
20Why is genetic diversity in agricultural crops threatened?E x t e n s i v e intercropping
21Magnetic dipole moment is a vector quantity directed from which direction?South to north
22How much distance does the earth's annual circuit round the sun cover?966 million kms
23Where are the hot desert of the world generally found?The horse latitude
24Which is the highest waterfall of the world?Saito Angel Falls
25Which river is known as 'Vridha Ganga'?Godavari
26Lake Sambhar is nearest to which city of Rajasthan?Jaipur
27Boulder clay is a feature associated with which thing?Glacial deposition
28In which direction of flow of stream is controlled by rock structure?Consequent
29Who was the leader of the Indian revolutionary activities in America?Lala Hardayal
30In which island of India is an active volcano found?0 65292Barren Island
31The annual variability of rainfall is over 50 percent in which state?Western Rajasthan
32On which date the earth is at the least distance from the sun (Perihelion)?January 3rd
33Which part of the Earth's surface receives the highest amount of insolation?Tropical deserts
34Which are manuals of instruction in the form of brief rules?Sutras
35Who is the head of the National Defence Committee?Home Minister
36The intensity of insolation depends on which line?Latitude
37Azola anabana is used as fertilizer in growing which crop?Rice
38Which soil formed by the deposition of silt brought by rivers?Alluvial soil
39Which soil is very hard to cultivate?72Which soil is very hard to cultivate? - Sandy
40If a place is located at 20°N, 80°E in which continents does it lie?Asia
41Which types of waves are used in a night vision apparatus?Infra-red-waves
42Which is the largest island in the Indian Ocean?Madagascar
43Which hot dry local winds that blow on the eastern side of the Alps Mountain?Foehn
44What is the best representative of the acid igneous rocks?Granite
45In which state is Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary located?Karnataka
46Which Island of India is an active volcano found?Barren Island
47Which city will never get the vertical rays of the sun?Sri nagar
48National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology is situated at which place?New Delhi
49The largest coal reserves of India are found in which state?Jharkhand
50Why was Farakka Barrage commissioned?Save Kolkata port