1After the decline of the Gupta, a By whom was larger part of North India reunited?Harshavardhana
2By the time of which ruler was Gautama Buddha elevated to the position of God? 65292Kanishka
3By whom are the oldest compositions in Punjabi devotional compositions?Baba Farid
4By whom were The Chalukyas of Badami were succeeded?Rashtrakutas
5During which reign was Buddhism split up' into the Hinayana and Mahayana sects at the Buddhist Council?Kanishka
6From which ruler did Humayun received the Kohinoor diamond?The Ruler of Gwalior
7In 1889 a British Committee of the Indian National Congress was started. Who was its Chairman?W. Wedderburn
8In the Delhi Sultanate, which administrative unit called Paragana was headed by an official?Amil
9In which culture is the earliest evidence of silver in India found?Harappan Culture
10In which movements Vande Mataram was adopted as a slogan for agitation?Partition of Bengal in 1905
11In which region of India was the Firdausi order of Sufism popular?Bihar
12In which two seets was Jainism divided into?Svetambara and Digambara
13Nalanda University flourished during the reign of which ruler?Harsha
14On the which bank was the 'Battle of Ten Kings' fought?Parushni (Ravi)
15Revenue system during Akbar's reign was in the hands of which person?Todarmal
16The bitterest war of succession under the great Mughals was fought among whose sons?Shahjahan
17The First Anglo-Burmese War was concluded by a treaty Which is that?Treaty of Yandaboo
18The Governor General of Kolkata William became the Governor General of India under which Charter Act- 652921833
19To which veda does Ayurveda owe its origin?Yajurveda
20Under which system of assessment, the British Government collected revenue directly from the farmers?Ryotwari
21Upto where Chandraqupta Maurya's empire extended in the north-west?Hindukush
22What was the main reason for the evolution of kingship in Vedic society?Desire to conquer new land
23What was Tipu Sultan's major interest in building ships?To promote trade and commerce
24What wass the name of the tax which the kings used to collect from the people in the Vedic period? 72 0Bali
25When Alexander invaded India, who were the rulers of Magadha?Nandas
26When was the decimal system of currency introduced in India?1957
27Where was the first Indian university opened in 1857?Calcutta
28Which countries were involved in 100 year war?England and France
29Which Rashtrakuta king founded the capital city' of Manyakheta?Dantidurga
30Which ruler from Central Asia conquered North India in 1192?Shihabuddin Mohd. Gori
31Which Sultan built the fifth storeys of Qutub Minar?Firoz Shah Tughlaq
32Which Upanishads were translated into Persian by Dara Shikh?Sirr-i-Akbar
33Which Veda contains an account of magical charms and spells?Atharvaveda
34Which was initially the most powerful city state of Indian in the 6th century B. C.?Magadh
35Which was the capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?Lahore
36Which was the medieval Indian writer who refers to the discovery of America?Abul Fazl
37Which was the most significant battle in the establishment of British supremacy in India?Buxar
38Which were the contemporaries of Kanishka?72 0Nagarjuna, Asvaqhosha, Vasumitra
39Who deciphered the Brahmi inscription of Ashoka first time?James Princep
40Who invented the technique of extracting scent from Rose?Nurjahan
41Who presided over the Buddhist Council held during the reign of Kanishka at Kashmir?Vasumitra
42Who united all the Sikhs and founded a kingdom in the Punjab?Maharaja Ranjit Singh
43Who was named as Mira Ben by Mahatma Gandhi?Madeline Slade
44Who was the founder of the autonomous kingoni of Avadh?Saadat Khan Burhan-ul Mulk
45Who was the founder of the Muslim League in India?Nawab Salimulla
46Who were the first to issue gold coins?Indo Greeks
47Who witnessed the reign of seven Sultans of Delhi?Amir Khusarau
48Whose nickname was the Cholisa or the Group of Forty?Turkish nobility created by Iltutmish
49Why was the Delhi Sultanate virtually ended?Due to the invasion of Timur
50With whose reign is the Gandhara school of art associated?Kanishka