1How were the streets of cities in Indus Valley civilization?Wide and straight
2Ruins of Harappa and Mohanjodaro were found on which of the following river bank?Ravi
3Which was the only city of the Indus without fortification?Chanhudaro
4Which was the biggest building in mohanjodaro?Granary
5Whose statue was an important creation of the people of Indus Vally civilization?Dancing girl
6Warship of mathergoddess was related to -With the Indus Valley civilization
7Which was the part of Indus Valley civilization?Lothal
8At a place called Lothal, artificial dockyard was from which civilization-Indus, Valley
9What was the strength of Indus economy-Agriculture
10Which among the following has not been found in the excavation of Harappan sites? 0 65292Cow
11Staple foad of Vedic Aryans was - -Milk and its products
12Which of the following grain was first used by humans?Barley
13What was the first metal used by Vedic People?Copper.
14What the meaning of 'Veda'?Knowledge
15'Aryans are the one' who was the first European to say that?Max Muller
16Where is the oldest settlement of Aryan tribes?Sapta Sindhavah
17Which one of the tribal assembly was included in the Election of tribal chief (sardar)?72Committee (Samiti)
18The tax, which was buied on the people by the king, was called -Bali
19From where the famous 'Gayatri Mantra' has been taken -Rig Veda
20The words 'Satyameva Jayate' in the state Emblem of India were taken from?Mundaka Upanishad
21Which one scholar, challenged invinicible yajnavalkya far debate?Gargi
22Gautama Buddha was born atLumbini
23Gautama Buddha's birthplace is marked by whom?Rummindei pillar of Ashoka Maurya
24Name the clan Buddha belonged to-Sakya
25Where was the first Buddhist council held?Rajagriha
26Who organized the fifth Buddhist council?Harsha
27'Buddha' means—The Enlightened one
28Which was the last Buddhist text produced In India?Vamsathapakasini
29In Buddhism, 'Bull' is related to what incident of Buddha's life?Birth
30The ancient university of India was established at -Nalanda
31Where did the Buddha attain enlightenment?Bodh Gaya
32Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha together are known as.Triratna
33"Desire is the cause of all sufferings". Which religion promoted this?Buddhism
34Spherical dome structure, that's built on the sacred ruins of Buddhist is called -Cavin (Stoopa)
35In which year Budha died-483 B.C.
36In which era, Kshatriya had their specific Identity?In the times of Buddha
37Who was Mahavira?24th Tirthankar
38Who was the founder of Jainism in India?Mahavira
39Which is Parinirvana place of Mahavira?Pava
40Jain literature is called ----Anga
41Who was the last ruler of India that adopted Jainism in his last days?0 65292Chandra Gupta
42The famous Jain centre in south India is situated at-----Sravenbelgola
43In India, ancient Iron age is attached with-Gray pattery
44Which was in great stock before the 6th century b.c.,Iron
45Which ruler was responsible for the rise of Magadha?Bimbisara
46Which was the first stte to use elephants in their battles?Magadha
47Who was the teacher of Sikandhara the Great?Arastu(Aristotle)
48What was the suitable language for saurcematerial in ancient times?Sanskrit
49Herodatus is considered as ---Father of History
50Who faced greek ruler Alexander on the bank of Jhelum?Porus