1Who wrote Akbarnama?Abul Fajal
2The battle of Haldighati was between-0 65292Akbar and Rana Pratap Singh
3Who started Mansabdari system in Mughal administration?Akbar
4Who started Mansabdari system?Akbar
5Which began Mansabdari system?Akbar
6Who built Fatehpur Sikri?Akbar
7Where did Akbar discuss his regigious views?Ibadat khana (House of Worship)
8Who named 'Prayag Nagar' as 'Alahabad-Allah"?Akbar
9Who was the regent of Akbar in his early days?Bairam khan
10Who was the regent of Akbar?Bairam khan
11Which ruler ended 'Jajiya' tax?Akbar
12How much part of actual production was fixed for states as their demand in seizure system?One third
13Who was the famous revenue minister of Akbar?Todarmal
14What was the original name of tansen who was the famous musician of Akbar's court?Ram tanu Pandey
15Which started 'Din-i-ilahi' religion?Akbar
16Who was the member of 'Din-i-Ilahi'?King Birbal
17Who was the only courtier that accepted 'Din-i-Ilahi'?Birbal
18Which person was illiterate?Akbar
19Which Mughal emperar got credit of composition of Hindi songs?Akbar
20Who was the Mughal emperor of India, when East India company formed?Akbar
21Tulsidas wrote RamcharitManas in whose reign?Akbar
22In whose reign Tulsidas wrote RamcharitManas?Akbar
23What is the meaning of Jahangir?World champion
24Which Mughal emperar wrote autobiography?Babar and Jahangir
25Drawing was at it's highest level in whose reign?Jahangir
26Which Mughal emperar prohibited the use of tobacco?Jahangir
27Which mughal emperare transferred his capital to Delhi from Agra?Shah jahan
28Who had taken the famous takht-e-taus of Shahjahan in 1739 AD?Nadir shah(from Persia)
29In which city Moti Mosque situated?Agra
30Which Mughal emperor banned dance and musicAurangjeb
31Which son of Aurangjeb became emperor of India by the name of 'Bahadur shah'? 0 65292Muhammad Muazzam
32Who was the successor of Aurangjeb?Muazzam
33What was the courtly language of Mughal rulers?Persian
34Where is Bibi ka Maqbara (tomb of the lady) in India situated at?Aurangabad
35Tajmahal is built by whom?Shahjahan
36During whose reign one rupee coin was minted in Indian?Shershahi suri
37'Taka' or 'Rupya' was introduced by whom?Shershah suri
38Grand trunk road built by shershah connects Punjab with which state?East Bengal
39Where did shershah die during war?Kalinger
40What was the original name of Nana Fadanvis?Bala ji Janardan Bhanu
41Who was the teacher of Shiv ji?Ramdas
42Which Maratha King fought with Aurangjeb, bravely_Shiva Ji
43Auranjeb sent which person to defeat Shiva Ji?Raja Jay singh
44Aurangjeb sent which general to arrest Shiva Ji?Shaista Khan
45How many times Shiva Ji loated Surat?Two times
46Coronation of Shivaji was done in -1679 AD
47Where was the capital of Shiva Ji?Raygarh
48Who was famous as 'Nana Sahed"?Bala Ji Baji Rao
49Which was founder of Peshwas?Bala ji vishwanath
50First Anglo-Maratha was ended by which treaty?Salbai