1When were Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev driven over to long?23-Mar-31
2Who established the young India committee?Sardar Bhagat Singh
3Who established the Gadar Party?Lala Hardayal
4In U.S.A. who established the Gadar Party in San Francisco?Lala Hardyal
5Hardyal, a guest intellect, was related toGadar movement
6Who established the Gadar Party?Lala Hardyal
7Where was Gadar Party's Headquarters?San Francisco
8In 1914, who established the national form in Berlin?Champakarman Pille
9Which group were related to 'Tana Bhagat' movement?Orann
10Mangal Pandey shot the first bullet in 1857 revolt at.Bairakpur
11Who started the '1857 Revolt'?Soldiers
12The administrative power of the revolt of 1857 was.East India company to British
13Bahadur Shah was-Last Mughal ruler
14Who was the Governor General of India during the revolt of 1857?Lord Canning
15Who look after the Gadar at Kanpur?Nana Sahib
16With whose fall did the Mughal existence from the red fort ended?Bahadur Shah Zafar
17Where was the royal court held for the proclamation of the queen an 1st November, 1858?Allahabad
18In which your did the British got control of India by the East India Company?1858
19When was the army recruiting Act implied?1856
20What is the other name of Nana Sahib?Dhondu Pant
21Who didn't take part during the revolt of the British in 1857?Tipu Sultan
22Which incident encouraged the ruler of England to undertake the Indian government (administration). 65292Sipoi Muting
23Who were the Khadi cut by the imperial court in 1877?G.V. Joshi
24Who applied the revenue arrangements of the Istmarari Bengal?Cornwallis
25Permanent settlement system of collecting revenue in India was launched by.Lord Cornwallis
26During the reign of British, who started the 'Rainyatvani system instantly in Madras precidency?'Thomas Munroe
27Who started the 'Rainyavari system' in Madras?Sir Thomson Munroe
28Who was the Governor General of Bengal?Warren Hastings
29When was the first telegraph line opened between Calcutta and Agra?1853
30In which state was the 'state kidnapping policy' used?Punjab
31Who made it possible for an open competitive exam's a medium to shift to India civil service for Indian?72 0Dalhousie
32Who was the first Indian to pass the Civil Service exam?Satyendra Nath Tagore
33Who first started the civil services in India?Lord Cornwallis
34Who was the first viceroy of India?Lord Canning
35Who was the last Governor General of East India Company and the First Viceroy under the Crown?Lord Canning
36Who started the Doctrine of Lapse?Lord Dalhousie
37Who was the last Viceroy of India?Lord Mountbatten
38Under which viceroy is time, was India found?Mountbatten
39Who was the last Governor General of India?C. Rajgopalchari
40Who was the first Governor General of India?C. Ragopalchari
41Who was the first Governor General of the independent India?Lord Mountbatten
42What is considered the most useful and important improvement by Lord Karzan?Farming Improvement
43Who passed the Indian university Act?Lord Karzan
44Who was the forerunner of the local self government?Ripan
45Who is known as the father of local self-government?Lord Ripan
46In which place did the first rail started in 1853?Mumbai
47What was established, under the 'Pitts India Act.'Control board
48Who established the highest court in Calcutta?Regulation Act, 1778
49Which charter Act, ended the business monopoly between china and East India Company? 65292Charter Act, 1833
50Communal Flections-who started the system of Places?Minto Marley Improvement, 1909