1Bal Gandadhar considered whom his political Guru?Dada Bhai Naroji
2Attack on 'chitgaon arsenal' was done in whose leadership.Surya Sen
3Gandhi-Irwin agreement was signed in-5 March, 1931
4The first non-congress Government was formed in which state in independent India-Kerala
5By whom, Mahatma Gandhi was very impressed?Feo Tolstoy
6Where Gandhi ji did learned the art of Satyagraha?South Africa
7Who used the word 'Satyagraha'?Gandhi ji
8Who went South Africa to meet Gandhi ji?Gopal Krishna Gokhle
9Who was the political Guru of Gandhi Ji?Gopal Krishna Gokhle
10When did Gandhi ji start 'Satyagraha movement'?1919
11From where Gandhi ji started his political activities?Champaran
12Where was A.I.C.C. session organized in the presidency of Gandhi ji?Belgam
13From where Gandhi Ji started civil disobedience movement in 1930?Dandi
14Gandhi Ji considered Khadi as the symbol of what?Financial freedom
15In which two states, non congress cabinets were farmed in 1937?Bengal and Punjab
16Subhash Chandra Bose defeated whom and elected President of Congress Party in 1939?Pattbhi Sitaramaiya
17Cabinet mission came to India in-1946
18Which movement was supported by Gandhi ji?Untouchability
19What was the main reason behind 'Quit India movement?'65292Failure of Cripps mission
20The famous Quit India movement of Gandhi ji was started in-1942
21Quit India movement in 1942 was started in which month?August
22When did Cripps mission come to India?1942
23Where did 'Parallel government' form during Quit India movement?Baliya
24Which one of the following was first female Governor of In depended India?Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
25Gandhi ji postponed which movements after thieves steal scandal (chori chora kand)?72 0N o n -c o o p e r a t i o n movement
26Where Indian National congress did passed its famous proposal 'Non-cooperation' in 1920?In Calcutta
27Which movement was supported by Hindus and Muslims both?N o n -c o o p e r a t i o n movement
28Which are the three form of Satyagraha?Non-cooperation, civil disobedience, boycott
29Dandi March Gandhi Ji is an example of what?Civil Disobedience
30Mahatma Gandhi started Civil disobedience movement in which year?1930
31Qath for self Governance was taken in which session of congress?Lahore
32In which session of Indian national congress, 'self governance' proposal was passed?Lahore session, 1929
33Who founded all India association of Harijanas in 1932 AD?Mahatma Gandhi
34Who was the first speaker of independent India?G.V. Mavlankar
35Who is related to Sarvodaya and Bhaada movement?Aacharge Vinoba Bhare
36Who gave the idea of Sarvodaya?Mahatma Gandhi
37From where christophere Columbus was?Genoa
38"Where there is no law, there is no freedom" who said this?John Locke
39What is reform movement? 65292Revolt against the dominanee of Pop
40Idealogy of Tascism was developed in which country?Italy
41Methods of democratic socialism are-Explain and promote
42Who was the co-founder of Populist movement 'Anarchism' in Russia?Mikhail Barunin
43Socialism is basically whose movement?Workers
44Who built the Great Wall of China?Shi Huang Ji
45In ancient India, what was Burma called?Golden land
46Marcopolo is famous for what-For travelling China, India and Asia.
47'Karl Marks' book 'Das Kapital' was published in-1867
48Which country embossed as the biggest colonial power at the end of 18th century?Britain
49Napoleon's final defeat was in which one of the following battle?Battle of Trafalgar
50Which one of the following person was not related to integration of Italy?Mussolini