1Who laid the foundation of nuclear science in the country?Homi J. Bhabha
2By whom is Agricultural Income Tax assigned to the State Governments? 72 0By the Constitution of India
3A Municipal Corporation is set up in a city with howmuch population of not less than?10 lakh
4Which is a source of income of the Gram Panchayats?Levy Duties
5By which act was the office of Governor General of India created?Govt. of India Act, 1858
6By which is in In practice the policy of the Government shaped?The Cabinet
7During which prime minister was the strategy of Rolling plan was adopted?Morarji Desai
8To whom are the Ministers individually responsible?The President
9By whom is the Contingency Fund of the State operated?Governor
10Whose prior consent can the Money Bills be introduced in the State Legislature?Governor
11'Holding a 'Bandh' was declared illegal for the first time in India by which High Courts?Kerala High Court
12Who was the Finance Minister of India in the Interim Government during 1946-1947?R. K. Shanmukham Chetty
13What Minimum age is required to contest for Presidentship?35 years
14In case a President dies while in office, for howmany months can the Vice-President act as President?6 months
15What is the maximum permissible period between two sessions of a State Legislative Assembly?Six months
16Chief Ministers of all the States are ex-officio members of which council?National Development Council
17The Rajya Sabha can have a maximum strength of howmany members?250
18The first Governor-General of India was appointed under the provisions of which act?1833
19Howmany subjects are in the State List?66 subjects
20The distribution of power between Centre and the States is based on which scheme?Government of India Act, 1935
21Which was the Capital of Andhra State when it was made a separate State in the year 1953?Kurnool
22By whom the salary and perquisites of the Prime Minister of India are decided?Parliament
23What about ministry in the event of the resignation or death of the Prime Minister?The Ministry is dissolved
24English is the official language of which State?Nagaland
25In which country does State funding of elections take place?65292Germany and Austria
26The President of the Indian Union has the same constitutional authority as which country?British Monarch
27Which describes India as a Secular State?PreambletotheConstitution
28Who was the first Chairman of the Planning Commission?Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
29Who was the first leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha?Kamlapati Tripathi
30Who appoints the Chairman of the UPSC?President
31What is the part of the Constitution that reflects the mind and ideals of the framers?Preamble
32In India, the concept of single citizenship is adopted from which country?England
33Who was elected as the President of All-India Khilafat Conference when it met at Delhi in 1919?72 0Mahatma Gandhi
34How many members of the Rajya Sabha are nominated by the President of India?12
35How much the time gap between two sessions of the Parliament should not exceed?6 months
36By whom is the conditions of service and tenure of the Election Commissioner prescribed?Parliament
37In which year were the first general elections in India held?1951
38What was the main stipulation of Government of India Act, 1935?Complete independence guaranteed
39By which act did the Crown take the Government of India into its own hands?Government of India Act, 1858
40By whom is the Annual Financial Statement caused to be laid before both Houses of Parliament?President
41How are the members of the Rajya Sabha elected?Indirectly
42Upto howmuch age can the Members of the Union Public Service Commission function?65 years
43Where is the The International Court of Justice located?Hague
44Of which country Indian Constitution closely follows the constitutional system?UK
45The inspiration of 'Liberty, Equality and Fraternity' was derived from which revolution?French revolution
46Which State sends the maximum number of members to the Rajya Sabha?Uttar Pradesh
47Who was the head of the Committee formed by the government to enquire into Jallianwala Bagh massacre?Hunter
48By whom is the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee appointed?Speaker
49By whom are the Chairman and members of State Public Service Commission appointed? 65292President
50Who appoints the Chairman of the UPSC?President