1What is the situation with increasing unemployment and inflation termed?Stagflation
2Department of Official Language (Raj Bhasha Vibhag) comes under which Ministries?Ministry of Home Affairs
3In which years did the Right to Information Act come into force?2005
4Who was first President of U.S.A. to visit India?D. W. Eisenhower
5Who resigned as Vice-President to contest for the office of the President?V.V. Giri
6Who was the first PM of England?Sir Robert Walpole
7Where are the disputes regarding the election of the President and Vice-President settle?In the Supreme Court
8After howmany years is Election of Rajya Sabha held?2 years
9The powers of the Election Commission are given in which Article of the Constitution?324
10Why are the Fundamental Freedoms under Article 19 suspended during emergency? 65292Due to War or external aggression
11What does the theory of Fundamental Rights imply?Limited government
12By whom is the Governor is appointed?President
13What is the maximum permissible period between two sessions of a State Legislative Assembly?Six months
14Which States has granted Sanskrit language the status of the second official language of the State?Uttarakhand
15Which is the largest committee of Parliament of India?Estimates Committee
16Who has the final power to maintain order within the House of People?Speaker
17During whose pleasure does teh Attorney General of India hold office?President
18'India for the Indians' was the political message of which social reformer?Dayanand Saraswati
19Who is the Father of local self government in India?Lord Ripon
20What is the minimum permissible age for employment in any factory or mine?14 years
21Who is competent to prescribe conditions as for acquiring Indian citizenship?Parliament
22A Judge of the Supreme Court of India is to hold office until he attains the age of howmany years?72 065 years
23Which is the State having the largest population of scheduled castes?Utter Pradesh
24What type of Party system has been evolved in India?Multi-Party
25Which post does the Constitution of India does not mention?The Deputy Prime Minister
26After howmuch time are the elections to Panchayats are to be held?Every five years
27When did Unrepresented-Nations and Peoples Organisation come into existence?1991
28Who is to conduct the elections to the Panchayats and Municipalities?State Election Commission
29Who was the first Indian to become the member of British Parliament?Dadabhai Naoroji
30Who decides about the reasonableness of the restrictions placed on Fundamental Rights?Courts
31By whom is the Separation of the Judiciary from the Executive enjoined?Directive Principle
32For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, what can the Supreme Court do?It may issue a writ
33Which writ is issued by the court in case of illegal detention of a person?Habeas Corpus
34The Archaeological Survey of India is an attached office of which Department/ Ministry?Culture
35What was the most important feature of the Government of India Act of 1919?Introduction of Dyarchy
36In which Ministry, the census organisation has been functioning on a permanent footing since 1961?Home Affairs
37Which Article of the UN Charter established the International Trusteeship System?75
38Which is the largest Committee of the Parliament?The Estimates Committee
39In which year was the first no confidence motion moved in the Lok Sabha after independence?1963
40By whom was the idea of the Constitution of India first of all given?M. N. Roy
41By whom were the members of the Constituent Assembly elected?By ProvincialAssemblies
42What is the total number of High Courts in India at present?24
43When can the salaries of High Court judges be reduced?During a Financial Emergency
44Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India?Sachidananda Sinha
45Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution?B. R. Ambedkar
46In which year did Annie Besant enjoy the Presidentship of the INC?1917
47What is the maximum strength of the nominated members in both the Houses of Parliament?14
48Who decides whether a particular bill is a Money Bill or not?Speaker of Lok Sabha
49Indian President and Prime Minister are a replica of the heads of the State of which country?72 0 65292Britain
50When is the Constitution of India designed to work as a unitary government?In times of Emergency