1Under which Article of the Constitution is the President's rule promulgated on any State in India?356
2Which was an associate State of India before becoming a full fledged State?Sikkim
3New exim policy has choosen which town for 'the pottery export?Khurja
4Which of appointment is not made by the President of India?Speaker of the Lok Sabha
5The present demographic transition of India is indicative of which thing?Typically increasing urbanisation
6Which is the smallest Union Territory?Lakshadweep
7To whom the Vice-President's letter of resignation is to be addressed?President
8Trade Union comes under which List?Concurrent list
9If the President wants to resign from office, he may do so by writing to whom?Vice-President
10Who was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha?Malgaonkar
11In Krishnadevaraya's court, who were Ashtadiggajas? 72 0Eight great poets of his court
12What is the intermediate tier of the Panchayati Raj System called?Panchayat Samiti
13Who decides the number of Judges in a High Court?President
14From which fund is the pension of a High Court Judge charged?Consolidated Fund of India
15For howmany month can the proclamation of emergency at the first instance be restricted?6 months
16For howmany months is the President's rule imposed?6 months
17Which natural region is not found in the Torrid Zone?Temperate deserts
18The levying of which following taxe is outside the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation?Income Tax
19What is the electorate for a Panchayat?The Gram Sabha
20By which act was the office of the Secretary of State for India?Government of India Act, 1858
21In which country did the concept of Public Interest Litigation originated?The United States
22For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, what can the Supreme Court do?It may issue a writ
23Which part of the Constitution deals with the Directive Principles of State Policy?Part IV
24What is the total number of Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution?11
25During whose pleasure does teh Attorney General of India hold office?President
26A person to be qualified for standing in a panchayat election what age must have he attained?21 years
27By whom was the Cabinet Mission to India headed?Lord Pethick Lawrence
28Who followed the policy of 'masterly inactivity' towards Afghanistan?Sir John Lawrence
29Who was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?Dr. B. N. Rao
30The first census was conducted in India at the time of which governor general?Lord Mayo
31Which is the only Union Territory that has a High Court of its own?Delhi
32Under whose guidance was the Congress policy of pray and petition ultimately come to an end?Lala Lajpat Rai
33When is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, recognized by the UN observed?27-Jan
34During the proclamation of National Emergency which articls can not be suspended?Articles 20 and 21
35Who sings on One-rupee currency notes?Finance Secretary of India
36Which was the first woman film star nominated to the Rajya Sabha?Nargis Dutt
37Which State in India has the broadest continental shelf?Gujarat
38Anglo-Indian representatives in the Lok Sabha are nominated in terms of which Article?331
39What is the name the President of India who was elected unopposed?72 0 65292Dr. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
40By which amendment has the National Capital Territory of Delhi been constituted?69th Amendment
41What is the task of the Planning Commission?Preparation of the plan
42The ordinances issued by the Governor are subject to approval by which office?State Legislature
43In which list are the Central Government's exclusive powers enumerated?Union List
44Who administers oath of office to the President?Chief Justice of India
45Department of Border Management is a Department of which Union Ministry?Ministry of Home Affairs
46Which was the first woman Governor of a State in free India?Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
47In India, the bank NABARD does not provide refinance to which bank?Export-Import Banks
48Crusade for human rights is associated with which name?Jimmy Carter
49By whom is the Contingency Fund of the State operated?Governor
50Who laid the foundation of the British Civil Service in India?Lord Cornwallis