1In which of the articles, freedom of press lies-Article 19
2Forcing a person to sign a sample is considered as-Violation of freedom of liberty
3What is the basis of recognition of minorities in Indian constitution-Religion
4when were the fundamental duties inserted in Indian constitution-1976
5Fundamental duties were inserted in the constitution by which of the following amendments-42nd Amendment
6Fill in the blank-"rights _______duties-Direct
7How many fundamental duties are there in Indian constitution-11
8Which articles of the constitution is related with the fundamental duties-Article 51A
9Who is the custodian of the implementation of the fundamental rights-High Courts and Supreme Court
10The fundamental rights of Indian citizens can be suspended -During National Emergency
11Who can restrict the fundamental rights of the citizens-Parliament
12In which articles, there is provision of "Right to Equality"-Article14
13Citizens and foreigners both have-Legal Right
14Which fundamental rights is for the citizens of India only-Right to Expression
15Which fundamental rights can be controlled by preventive detention act-Right to Freedom
16Which is opposite to the principle of "Rule of Law"-Privileges and Immunity
17Article 19 of Indian constitution provides-Six Freedom
18The freedom from payment of taxes for promotion of any religion is guaranteed by-Article 27
19In which articles , the interests of minorities are covered-29
20Which articles of Indian constitution prohibits "Untouchability"-Article 17
21Which is a political right-0 65292Right to contest election
22Certain fundamental rights are not given to -Foreigner
23According to Indian constitution, which is not a fundamental right-Right to Information
24What kind of right is "Right to Vote"-Natural Right
25Which is a political right-Right to Vote
26Which matters is related with the Fundamental Rights-72Golaknath v/s state of Punjab (1967)
27"Directive Principles of State Policy" has been adopted by indian constitution from the constitution of-Ireland
28From which nation's constitution, Indian constitution has borrowed the directive principles of state policy-Ireland
29Which part of the constitution of India ensures the social and economic democracy -Directive principles of state policy
30Which ensures economic justice to Indian citizens-Directive principles of state policy
31Which of the article ensures that directive principles of state policy cannot be enforced by any court-Article37
32Which part of the constitution relates with the directive principles of the state policy-Part 4
33Directive principles in our constitution are-Unenforceable by Courts
34Which directive principle has the direct impact of the moral philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi-Ban on Cow Slaughter
35Who said about "ram rule through village rule"-Mahatma Gandhi
36Which constitutional amendment has made directive principles of state policy more important than Fundamental Rights-42nd
37What is the discretionary power of the president of India-Appointment of Prime Minister
38The members of the executive in president form of government are-Not members of any house of the legislature
39Which articles of Indian constitution is related with the declaration of a welfare state-Article 39
40During what period, the proclamation of emergency made by president should be approved by both house of the parliament-within one month
41The vice-president is the ex-officio chairman of-Rajya Sabha
42Vice-president isnot a member of any house
43Who completed two successive regimes of the vice-president of India-S. Radhakrishnan
44Who held the post of vice-president for two successive tenure-Dr. Radhakrishnan
45How many members can be nominated for both houses of parliament by the president-14
46the president of india is an integral part of-Parliament
47How many members of Anglo-Indian community can be nominated for the parliament by the president-0 652922
48If Anglo-Indian community does not have enough representation in Lok Sabha, two members can be nominated by-President
49According to Indian constitution, central minister will hold his post at the will of-President of India
50For what duration, the election of member of Rajya Sabha is done-Six years