1How many members can be nominated for Rajya Sabha by the president-12
2Who has the right to nominate members for Rajya Sabha-President
3If the speaker of Lok Sabha wants to resign, whom does he resign-Deputy Speaker
4When the post of president and vice-president are vacant, who will perform the duties of president temporarily-72Chief Justice of India
5According to Indian constitution, which of the followings is a constitutional body-Finance Commission
6First finance commission was constituted in-1951
7How many years after a finance commission is constituted by the president-5 years
8Who constitutes the Finance Commission-President
9On the recommendations of which of the followings, the grants-in-aid is provided to states by centre-Finance Commission
10Who does the financial distribution of the resources between centre and states-Finance Commission
11Who appoints the members of Union Public Service Commission-President
12Who appoints the Attorney General of India-President of India
13Who hold the post of president twice-Babu Rajendra Prasad
14Who is the Supreme Commander in Chief of Defence Forces of the Country-President
15Who can send a matter to Supreme Court for consultation under article 143.President of India
16In single transferable voting system, each member can express its verdict by-Voting for All
17Who organizes the election process for the post of president of India-Election Commission of India
18Vice-president of India is-Presiding chairman of Rajya Sabha
19Which persons was elected unopposed for the post of president-N.Sanjeev Reddy
20Which sitting vice-president lost the election for the post of president-Bhairon Singh Shekhavat
21Who was the first non-political president of India-A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
22Under which article of constitution , Proclaimation of National Emergency is declared-Article 352
23How many times have the President Declared National Emergency-Thrice
24Which year did President Declare National Emergency on internal dispute-1975
25Under which of the following articles, president can make the proclamation of emergency in failure of constitutional machinery in any state-356
26President can forward his resignation to whom-Vice-president
27If president wants to resign, he will address his resignation to-Vice-president
28If president of India wants to resign from his office, whom will he write his resignation to-Vice-president
29Which appointments are not made by president of India-Speaker of Lok Sabha
30What is the age limit to contest for the post of the president of India-35 years
31What is the minimum age decided to contest for the election of the post of president-72 0 6529235 years
32The impeachment process of president of India is adopted from-USA
33What is the retirement age of the president -No age limit
34What is the maximum age limit for the president post of India-No age limit
35Who can summon the joint sitting of both houses of the parliament-President
36Who presides over the joint sitting of two houses of the parliament -Speaker of Lok Sabha
37How many types of emergency is provisioned in the constitution-3
38President of India has the emergency power of -Three types
39In India, how many times has the president declared financial emergency-Never
40Under which article of the constitution, the president of India can declared the Financial Emergency-Article 360
41In India, which kind of emergency has been imposed only once-Internal Disturbance Emergency
42How many times can the president of India contest in re-election for his post-As many time he wants
43The president of India has the same constitution powers which _______ haveBritish Crown
44The ordinance issued by president is applicable for the period of -6 months
45Who is the constitutional head of the Indian government-President
46Which of the followings holds his post after the approval of the president-Governor
47The vice-president of India is elected by -The members of parliament
48The dispute in matter of election of vice-president -Is surely filed in Supreme Court
49The president can be impeached by-Parliament
50The impeachment to remove president can be started from-Any house of parliament