1The maximum number of elected members of Lok Sabha can be-550
2Which of the followings is the first woman speaker of Lok Sabha-Meera Kumar
3Which house of the Indian parliament is a house elected by the people-Lok Sabha
4How many times, a non-money bill is discussed in every house of the parliament-Three
5Surplus budget is presented during-Inflation
6Which of the following procession has been adopted from the world's parliamentary system -Zero Hour
7A member of parliament will be suspended from his membership, if he absents the house continuously for-60 days
8Who decides the salary and allowances of the speaker of the Lok Sabha-Parliament
9Which of the followings do not fall under legislative control-Zero hour
10Who is the custodian of consolidated fund of India-Legislature
11In which year, "House of People" was named as Lok Sabha-1954
12Parliament and constitution are not mode of -Legal Justice
13Which of the following prime ministers did not take part in session of parliament during his stint-Charan Singh
14What is the quorum to transact the business of Lok Sabha-01-Oct
15An important feature of democracy, is to give importance to-Citizens
16Who said this "parliamentary democracy means one person and one vote"-Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
17Who chairs the meetings of council of ministers-65292Prime Minister
18What is the minimum age for the post of prime minister of India-25
19Who is the chairman of planning commission-Prime Minister
20The powers in India are vested in -Central Government
21In parliamentary democracy "he is the first among all". Who is he-Prime Minister
22Who said "Prime Minister is first in all"-Marley
23Who gave the idea of "Cabinet Dictatorship"-Muir
24Who speaks of cabinet system as the "Steering Wheel of Ship of State"-Muir
25In India, prime minister can hold his post till, he has -72 0Confidence of Lok Sabha
26What is the tenure of the prime minister of India-Till he has the majority support in Lok Sabha
27Which of the following prime ministers was ousted by no-confidence motion in parliament-V. P. Singh
28By which of the following methods, prime minister of India is selected-Appointment
29Who was the first deputy Prime Minister of India-Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
30Which of the followings taxes in India is wholly governed by central government-Corporate Tax
31The pension of the judge of high court is charged on-Consolidated Fund of India
32Who are included in national development council-Chief Minister of All States
33Who is the chairman of national integration council-Prime Minister
34A federal court was established in colonial India under the act of ______1935
35The name of the chief justice of India is-T. S. Thakur
36Who appoints the judges of the supreme court of India-President
37Which of the followings had been adorned the post of chief justice of India and speaker of Lok Sabha-K. S. Hegde
38Who was the first woman chief justice of the Supreme Court-M. S. Fathima Beevi
39The principal bench of high court of Madhya Pradesh is located in-Jabalpur
40What is the retirement age of the judge of Supreme Court-65 years
41The judges of supreme court can hold their post till the age of -65 years
42The age of retirement of judge of supreme court is-65
43Which of the followings writs can be issued only against a government official-Mandamus
44The interpreter of Indian constitution is-Supreme Court
45Who interprets the constitution-Judiciary
46Who is the custodian of Indian constitution-Chief Justice of India
47The salary and allowances of judges of Supreme Court are charged on-Consolidated Fund of India
48Which of the followings is not an eligibility of the judge of Supreme Court in India-65292Age should be 35 years
49What should be the experience of advocacy in any high court for being a judge of Supreme Court-10 years
50The retired judges of Supreme Court are restricted to practice advocacy in-Any Court of India