1How many judges are in Supreme Court-30
2How many judges can be placed in Supreme Court along with chief justice-25
3The retired judge of High Court is not permitted to practice as a lawyer in-72 0The High Court where he retired from
4Who has the power to decide on an election petition for any state-High Court
5What is the main function judiciary-Adjudication of Law
6The law framed by judiciary is called-Case Law
7Which of the following High Courts declared 1st that "Shutdown" is unconstitutional-Kerala
8In which of the following matters, the Supreme Court uphold the importance of Fundamental Rights over directive principles of state policy-Golaknath Case
9Who is the custodian of Fundamental Rights-Judiciary
10An appeal can be moved in High Court if the session court has verdict the punishment of-7 years
11What is the meaning of "Judicial Review" of Supreme Court-Review of constitutional validity of laws
12The Supreme Court of India has-Original, Appellate and Consultative Jurisdiction
13Judicial review in Indian constitution is based on-On the procedure established by law
14Which is the last appellate court-Supreme Court
15Under which of the following articles of indian constitution, the verdict of central administrative tribunal can be challenged in supreme court-323 A
16Who appoints the judges of District Courts-Governor
17Who appoints the comptroller and auditor general of India-President
18What is the term of the appointment of comptroller and auditor general of India-6 years or up to the age of 65 years whichever is earlier
19The term of Comptroller and Auditor General of India is-6 years
20Who is the Supreme Civil Officer of Central Government-Cabinet Secretary
21Which is the supreme body in the country to approve five year plans-National Development Council
22Who appoints the Attorney General of India-President
23The Attorney General of India has the power to appear in-Any Court in India
24Who can be invited to the parliament for any suggestion or advice-Attorney General of India
25Which of the following bodies was not set up by constitutional provisions-Planning Commission
26Planning Commission of India was-A non-constitutional body
27When was the Planning Commission set up-1950
28Which of the following is a non-constitutional body-Planning Commission
29The term of members of Union Public Service Commission is-652926 years or up to the age of 65
30Which of the followings is a feature of civil services India-Neutrality and un Biasedness
31Any members of Union Public Service Commission can be removed by-President
32Bureaucarcy performs-72 0Administrative, Quasi-judicial and Quasi-legislative acts
33How can a new all India Service be introduced-By passing a resolution under article 312
34Union Public Service Commission ________ employees of all India services-Selects
35Which of the followings is not an All India Services-Indian Foreign Service
36On which principles, the General Indian Election is based on-Regional Representation
37Under which of the following articles, the Election Commission was established-Article 324
38Which of the following articles is related to Election Commission-Article 324
39Which method is used for the election of the members of Lok Sabha-Territorial Representation
40In which year, the anti-defection law was passed by Indian Parliament-1985
41What is the meaning of Right to Vote-Right to Vote to elect a representative in election
42Which Amendment has reduced the age of voting to 18 years from 21 years-61st Amendment
43What is the minimum age of Indian Citizens to vote in elections-18 years
44Franchise is a-A method in which a voter exercises his right to vote
45Which of the followings provides for a representative government-Indirect Democracy
46The Lok Sabha elected in 2004 is-14th Lok Sabha
47The limit of expenditure in legislative constituencies, has been raised in February 2011 to- 16 lakh 
48A national political party is one which has attained 6% of total vote in-Four or more states
49How many percent votes should a party get to registered as a national party-6%
50The money of candidates for Lok Sabha and legislative assembly is forfeited-When he could not secure 1/6 votes