1The right to vote in elections of the parliament is-Legal Right
2Which political party gave two Prime Ministers in two years-Janta Dal
3Which of the following parliamentary constituencies is the largest in terms of area-Ladakha (Jammu and Kashmir)
4Who was the founder of Dravida Kajhagam-Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy Naikar
5Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India-Sukumar Sen
6Constitutional Majestic means-Useofpowerbykingunder the ambit of constitution
7The first Election Commissioner of India was-Dr. Sukumar Sen
8Who was the second Chief Election Commissioner of India-K.V. K. Sundaram
9Who hold the post of chief election commissioner after the retirement of N.Gopalswami-0 65292Naveen Chawala
10The Chief Minister is appointed by-Governor
11Who appoints the Chief Minister-Governor
12Governor is sworn by -Chief Justice of High Court
13Who served for the longest period of time as the Chief Minister of a state-Jyoti Basu
14Who uses the real executionery powers of state-Chief Minister
15Which of the following articles of Indian constitution defines the functions of the chief minister-72Article167
16Which of the following states had never a lady Chief Minister-Maharashtra
17Which of the followings becomes the Chief Minister of any Indian state for a third consecutive time-Tarun Gogoi
18Who is the highest law officer of any state-Advocate General
19Which of the following states was a Indian condominium and later became a full state-Sikkim
20In which of the following states, there were only one woman Chief Minister-Rajasthan
21The reservation bill proposes the reservation of woman in State Legislative Assemblies and Lok Sabha for-33%
22Which of the following states of India was formed on the basis of language-Andhra Pradesh
23Which was the first linguistic state-Andhra Pradesh
24Which of the following Indian states has the honour to be the first linguistic state-Andhra Pradesh
25Which was the first state in India to conduct the election during delimitation-Karnataka
26When were the states reorganized on linguistic basis-1956
27In which year, the states were reorganized on linguistic lines-1956
28Which of the following articles of the constitution provides for the status of special state to Jammu and Kashmir-370
29Which of the following articles dictates Jammu and Kashmir, a special state-Article 370
30Under which article, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is considered as a special state-65292370
31Which of the followings is not a matter of local government-Law and Order
32Which of the followings is exercised by local government in relation with state government-Delegated Authority
33State highways are maintained by-Individual State
34Who considered "pressure groups" as the "third house of the legislature"-H. M. phiner
35What is maximum determined numbers for the members of the state legislative assemblies-500
36Which state assembly has the maximum number of members-Uttar Pradesh
37Which of the following states has a legislative council-Andhra Pradesh
38How many legislative constituencies were there in Rajasthan in 2013.200
39How many legislative assembly seats are in Delhi-70
40The ordinance by the governor are subjected to approval of-State Legislature
41The ordinance by governor will be valid in case of non-approval in state legislature for a period of -Six weeks
42How many members of Anglo-Indian community can be nominated by governor in state assembly-72 01
43The constitution does not have the provision to impeach-Governor
44The state, which was formed by Madhya Pradesh with a resolution passed by the parliament in 2000 is-Chhattisgarh
45Under which of the following articles, the president rule can be imposed in any state in failure of constitutional machinery-Article356
46Which of the followings has the power to form new states or to change the borders of the states-Parliament
47The name of which of the following states has been changed recently-Odisha
48According to which article, state council can be formed or dissolved -Article169
49Which of the following states has a legislative council-Maharashtra
50A money bill can be presented in the state assembly with prior authorization of-Governor of the state