1The headquarters of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Country is located in which city?Vienna
2Macmohan Line demarcates the boundary between which countries?India and China
3On which river are Tikarpara and Jaraj dams constructed under a multipurpose project?72 0Mahanadi
4What is the major source of iron ore for Visakhapatnam?Bailadila
5Which two planets of the solar system have no satellites?Mercury and Venus
6In which of the following years was the first Railway line between Bombay and Thane laid?1853
7Which planet have thirteen moons?Neptune
8One degree of longitude on the equator is equal to howmuch distance?50 miles
9With which period do we associate the 'megaliths'?Neolithic
10Where is the maximum difference in the spacing of longitudes?At equator
11What is Water vapour beyond the dew point?Condensation
12Which is the variety of coal in which the deposit contains recognisable traces of the original plant material?Peat
13Which type of rainfall leads to the formation of the windward and the leeward side?Orographic
14In which forests are Teak and Sal are the principal trees?Tropical moist deciduous
15In the world production of natural rubber, what is the rank of India?Fourth
16How are the caves of the world's greatest fold mountains formed?Due to Compressional movement
17Vasges is an example of-Block mountain
18Which is the busiest oceanic trade route?North Atlantic route
19By which algae is Nitrogen fixation done?Blue-green algae
20Why are the Canals in Western Europe are mainly used?For inland navigation
21Which day is observed as the World Environment Day?5th June
22Which is not a landform which results due to rejuvenation of a river?Oxbow lake
23In which ocean is Diamantina Trench situated?Indian Ocean
24Which beach is visited by Olive Ridley turtles annually for mass nesting?Gahirmatha
25Why is the water of Holy Ganges river is pure?Due to presence of Bacteriophages
26The Himalayan mountain system belongs to which mountains?Fold mountains
27Which are the oldest mountains in India according to geographical history?Aravallis
28Which Bacteria is found in the intestine of human?Escherichia coli
29What is the mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen called?Producer gas
30Which is the river with highest tidal bore in India?0 65292Hoogli
31Which biologist, proposed that life is originated in water,?Thales
32Which is a land-locked sea?Aral Sea
33Which crop is grown in India mainly by dry farming?Millet
34The mapping of which part of earth is most difficult?Interior of the earth
35What is the connecting link between Annelida and Mollusca?Neopalina
36Which is the second most abundant metal in the earth's crust?Aluminium
37The tropopause occurs at the equator at a height of howmany kilometers?17 km
3897% of the atmosphere lies with in howmany kilometers of the surface of the earth?725 km
39Primitive people practice animal rearing in the tropical grasslands of which area?East Africa
40What are the Low-latitude grasslands in south America called?Pampas
41What is the distance of the nearest star besides the sun from the earth?4.2 light years
42Which celestial body besides earth bear, The Sea of Tranquility' and The Ocean of Storms'?Moon
43In how many time zones has the world been divided into?24
44Which type of woods is specially used as railways sleepers?Jarrah and barri
45Which explains that all the galaxies are receding from?Red shift
46Which elements is most abundant in the earth's crust?Oxygen
47Why does the phenomenon of 'trade winds' takes place?Due to convection of heat
48What are Doldrums?Tropical no-wind belt
49What is the main activity of Eskimos during the short period of summer season?Hunting
50Which geomorphic processes is associated with the work of glaciers?Plucking