1Which is the highest peak in South India?Anaimudi
2Zozila Pass connects regions?Leh and Sri nagar
3At which place is the monkey called Lion-tailed macaque naturally found?Nilgiris
4Which state is the percentage of forest area to total geographical area the highest?72Arunachal Pradesh
5Which is the first national park established in India?Corbet
6The term 'truncated spur' is associated with which process?Glacial process
7Which activity occupies the largest area of the world?Pastoral herding
8The Hindustan steel Ltd. Durgapur has been set up with the help of which country?United kingdom
9Which is not a foot-loose industry?Suger Industry
10Which planet is known as 'Morning Star'?Venus
11What is exact time taken by the earth for single rotation on its own axis?23 hrs 56 minutes 4.09 sec
12What are the Doldrums?Equatorial zone with low pressure
13Which is the country that has the greatest length of the day during summer?Norway
14Wood pulp comes from which region?Coniferous forest region
15Where are the oceanic current named as 'Kuroshio, Kurile and Alaskan' located?North Pacific Ocean
16Which sea is without a coasts?Sargasso sea
17Which can come across if one travels through the Strait of Malacca?Singapore
18Which river flows through a rift valley?Narmada
19The Naga hills form the watershed between India and which country?Myanmar
20Where is the Shrine of Hazarat Nizamuddin Auliya is situated?Delhi
21What is the slow wobbling of Earth as it spins on its axis called?Precession
22Which is east of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?Indonesia
23What is the difference between IST and GMT?5 hours 30 minutes
24What is the period of one revolution of sun around the centre of galaxy called?Cosmic year
25The Appalachian coal fields, one of the important coal fields in the world, are located in which country?U.S.A.
26Which coastline formed by the submergence of mountain ridges running parallel to the coast?Dalmation coast
27The lake Ontario and St. Lawrence of USA and Canada lie to the south-east of which bay? 65292Hudson Bay
28What is the major source of oceanic salinity?Rivers
29Which country has the longest international boundary with India?Bangladesh
30Which is the deepest landlocked protected port?Vishakhapatnam
31Which port caters to the export of Kudremukh iron ore?New Mangalore
32Mahatma Gandhi Hydroelectric Project is on which river?Sharavati
33Territorial waters of India extends upto how many nautical miles?12
34Which winds are flowing from sub tropical high pressure to sub polar low pressure?72 0Westerlies
35How is angular speed of a whirlwind in a tornado towards the centre?Decreases rapidly
36What are tropical cyclones of the Bay of Bengal usually called?Typhoons
37Mangrave vegetation in India is most extensive in which forest?Sunder bans
38What is the 'Solar Corona' mainly?Consists of molten lava
39Which wind in the northern hemisphere, the wind blowing from the Horse latitudes to the Doldrums?Trade wind
40Which Warm dry winds blowing down the east slopes of Rockies?Chinook
41The Kiel Canal links which seas?North Sea and Baltic Sea
42On which river are Victoria Falls in Africa located?River Zambezi
43Which sets of cities is located on the reference longitude for Indian standard time?K a k i n a n d a -Pondicherry
44The Konkan Coast stretches between which regions?Goa and Daman
45Why does north-western India receive substantial rainfall during winter months?Westerly disturbances
46What is an intrusion of magma along a bedding plane is called?Sill
47Which is the highest coal-producing country in the world?China
48Which country has the largest number of land-border neighbouring countries?Russia
49Which is present in the largest amount in terms of percent by mass in the earth's crust?Oxygen
50Where are Mulberry trees grown mainly for silk production in China?Yangtze delta